In addition to a low-cost, complete communication package, your business will benefit from:

  • No other provider today offers such a complete and affordable solution. Since you receive everything in the GP VOiCE sevice packages for one modest monthly fee, you don’t need to tap your business resources for large capital outlays.
  • With GP VOiCE, your staff can be located in multiple locations anywhere in the world. Your business communications are not only at peak performance within your corporate location, but you can now connect all your branch office locations in a snap.
  • GP VOiCE can address the communications requirements of any size business. So, as your business grows, GP VOiCE can adapt your solution accordingly with no degradation of service.
  • Since GP VOiCE manages your entire communications network, you won’t need to devote large areas of your office to house equipment or hire additional staff to maintain it. Plus, your business will not have to pay property taxes on communications facilities or capital equipment.
  • In addition to maintaining the latest in network technologies, The GP VOiCE service packages comes standard with a host of high end features, such as unified messaging, automated attendant, conference calling, e-mail, and e-fax. These advanced features streamline business operations and improve employee productivity.
  • Since GP VOiCE becomes an extension of your in-house staff and completely manages your company’s communications, you have no responsibility or risk for evolving technology. Plus, GP VOiCE routinely upgrades the network and customers equipment with the latest technology and applications as they become available.
  • A 24 x 7 support and maintenance program is included with your GP VOiCE service package . You won’t get dinged for costly upgrades or every time you need to add, move, or change equipment.